Many in Wales wish to see a brighter future for Wales. How could the Welsh people organise our brighter future? We may need to ask, and answer, direct hard questions.


How would we organise police forces in Wales?

Can Wales create an enforceable right to decent health care?

How much does the Welsh Government need to borrow, and how would it invest the money?

How would Wales write its own criminal and family law?

Can Wales arrange elections to a Constitutional Convention?

Does Wales have the power to make St.David’s Day a traditional and public holiday?

How do we set up a proper Welsh Navy Coastguard, based on fishery vessels Rhodri Morgan, Lady Megan and Catrin? exists to provide answers to these and other questions. Wales will have to pass laws. What would these laws say?

When Americans formed the United States, they wrote 85 essays known as the Federalist Papers. They faced and answered all the hard questions.

Please contact What question do you think needs asking? Could you answer it in an essay?


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